Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans
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Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans North Texas Chapter

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A Long Time Ago, in a Land Far Far Away.....
Terminology of the Vietnam War
The Traveling Wall Here for 2nd Time
Special Olympics
Previous Parades
When the Wall Came the 1st Time
Our Annual Luau, 2002
Airmen's Attic Dinner, March 2003
Our Pool Party, 2002
Welcome Home for Troops Back From Iraq, March 2004
Support Our Troops Rally in Wichita Falls
Support Our Troops Rally in Graham
Our Christmas Parties
Christmas In April
Visits to Local Schools
Memorial Day
Miscellaneous Pics

Aloha..... Our Annual luau Fund Raiser

A night of fun, enjoyment, and merriment. Real, authentic Hawaiian dancers presenting traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dances and songs. If you miss this one, you have really missed an excellent nights entertainment.

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